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When are braces right for you? 2019 Recommendations

The end goal of dental braces is to make teeth to be well-aligned, producing an even bite, and of course to give one the best smiles. The notion that only children and teens require dental braces is long gone as adults now can benefit from them.

Many adults prefer clear aligners or what is commonly known as ‘invisible braces’. These are customizable and removable products which just work like dental braces. However, before deciding on what braces to have, it is paramount to first consult a professional dentist. After your visit and consultations, the dentist will, therefore, recommend the type of braces you require and whether or not you  require them.

10 factors dentists consider before recommending braces

There are many reasons as to why dentists can recommend braces. Some factors are obvious while  others are not as much common. Below are  the factors which determine whether or not you need to get dental braces:

  • Crooked teeth

This is one of the most common reasons people look for orthodontists. There are a number of reasons behind crooked teeth such as;

  • Genetics

One of the major causes of crooked teeth is genetics as it can be passed down from one generation to another. Whereas no one can really change how their teeth develop, you can at least reshape them to look nice. Crowding of teeth and jaw misalignment are some of the major causes of crooked teeth which people can get passed on to them from their parents.

One of the explanations can be the size of your mouth. With a small mouth, there can be overcrowding of teeth which can force others to shift from their normal position hence affecting the entire dental structure.

  • Illness or injury

Severe trauma to your jaws and teeth can have great impacts on your dental structure. As teeth get damaged or fall off, the remaining teeth will try to slowly shift and occupy the space left. When such a thing happens, it important to get medical help because our bodies react faster to harm as compared to genetic or habitual causes.

  • Bad habits and Timing

There are certain habits which are harmful to teeth but one will not easily notice it. Most of these habits happen when one is young and still with baby (milk) teeth. When these teeth fall off prematurely due to factors such as trauma, decay, etc. the permanent teeth will shift position when they come up. The end result for this is crooked teeth. Moreover, ‘myofunctional’ habits such tongue thrusting greatly impact the positioning of the teeth. The changes will be very gradual that one will notice when it is too late.

  • Teeth at the upper jaw overlap those at the bottom

Having an overbite is a normal thing and one should not worry much about it. However, when you have too much of an overbite (when you do not see much of your lower teeth when you close your mouth) there may be an issue. Overlap should be corrected with braces before it brings forth other unforeseen challenges.

  • Underbite

An Underbite is treated similarly like an overbite by aligning your teeth and jaws. This happens when bottom teeth overlap upper teeth.

  • Overjet

An Overjet is a horizontal overbite. In other words, this happens when your upper teeth are significantly jetted out by the lower teeth. This creates trauma to your upper set of teeth and needs to be corrected using braces. Severe cases may require surgery in order to realign the jaws. Consult with your orthodontist and follow what they recommend.

  • Too much space between teeth

This is technically the opposite of having crowded teeth. The most noticeable space is the one between the two front teeth, known as a diastema. While this is usually genetic, having space between the two front teeth, mostly on the upper jaw does not raise alarm. However, having space between many other teeth should raise alarm especially if it for an adult. One of the causes of this problem can be having a larger than average jaw or having small teeth. Nevertheless, this situation has to be corrected as soon as possible as it brings forth other challenges.

  • Difficulty in biting and chewing

Misaligned teeth can bring issues when chewing or eating food. Sometimes it might be cases of pain in either jaws or teeth. In other times, one can repeatedly bite their insides of cheeks or tongue and this can bring forth other medical issues. When you experience such a problem, it is wise to look for the best orthodontists in Dubai and they will recommend the next step for you.

  • Speech issues

Sometimes one can have problems when trying to speak properly. When you examine further, you will realize that the root cause is actually their misaligned teeth. This makes them mispronounce certain words or even unable to correctly articulate themselves when speaking. It can happen to both children and adults. Immediately you notice your child having problems pronouncing certain words or having troubles with their speech, seek medical advice.

  • Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical condition characterized by loud snoring when sleeping. This happens particularly when the air tracks shrink or close to become narrower. In most cases, people who have such a condition tend to breathe from their mouths in order to make breathing easier.

However, one may experience more difficulty especially when they have dental issues such as Overjet and Overbite. This problem may be resolved by the use of dental braces to eliminate the overbite or Overjet. In the long run, after the dental structure has been corrected, you will notice the symptoms of the sleep apnea gradually cease.

  • Your ability to afford braces

Most health insurers do not cover for braces or to some extent certain dental procedures. It is good to first discuss the different braces packages in Dubai with your dentist and this will determine whether the orthodontist will recommend braces or choose other alternative treatment methods. The cost of Invisalign in Dubai greatly varies from other braces so it is important to first discuss the cost with the clinic before taking the next step.

  • Your willingness to have braces

One of the other factors which dentists use is to determine whether you are willing to have braces or not. Dentists will not just force them on you as you must first consent to have them. An average adult wears braces for between 12 to 20 months while children and most teens need them for approximately 2 years. You may probably need to have a retainer after you have had them removed. If the dentist realizes you do not want braces, they will, therefore, advise on other alternatives that are in place such as undergoing surgery.

Bottom line

When in Dubai and need to get braces, the process has been simplified for you. Go through our guide before contacting the best and affordable orthodontists in Dubai for quality medical assistance. At Gorgeous Smile Clinic, you are assured of the best services and medical care. The dentists here are professional and they will be with you through every step of making your teeth healthy again!

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