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Veneers and Crown

All you need to Know about Dental Veneers

Are you looking towards having a smile that sparkles the moment you walk in the room? Or, would you like to get rid of embarrassing cracks that deny you a confidence in front of your friends? You are at the right place. Never worry anymore.  It is very much certain that dental veneers are going to be anything less from a self-esteem booster. Dental veneers have greatly become beneficial when it comes to oral issues. Veneers are considered as an excellent way to hide your crooked or damaged teeth.

What is dental veneer and what type of problems do they fix?

Dental veneers are custom made shells used to cover teeth surfaces to improve its appearance. They are made from porcelain or composite materials of resin. Veneers are mostly used to fix:

  1. Worn out teeth
  2. Broken or chipped teeth
  3. Discolored teeth
  4. Spacey teeth

Dental veneer procedure

Usually, if you are considering getting a dental veneer, then you have to visit your dentist three times. The first trip is for consultation and the other for applying the veneers. Below is the procedure you have to undergo during teeth veneering.

Diagnosis and planning for a cure

This is the very first step and it requires active individual participation. In this case, you need to describe the performance you desire. The dentist is set to examine your teeth and this will help him to identify appropriate dental veneers that can fit you. If possible, he might take x-rays for efficient diagnosis.


During this appointment, a dentist will remove about 0.5mm of enamel from the tooth surface and then makes a model of your tooth. He then takes the model to the dental lab for veneer construction. After which, you have to wait for 2-4 weeks for the dentist to get the veneers back from the lab.


This is the final step. A dentist has to temporarily place the veneer on your tooth to ensure it fits before he can permanently fix it. For permanent fix now, the tooth is first cleaned and polished before it is cemented to your tooth. Once rightly positioned, your dentist will apply the cement and harden it using a special beam of light. The removal of excess cement is done to end the process. Your dentist then will ask you to come back for a follow up after 2-3 weeks.

For how long does dental veneer stay?

A dental veneer can last for more than 7 years but won’t exceed 15 years. You can replace it after this time.


The rule of the thumb is to maintain good oral hygiene. This means you need to brush your teeth twice a day. Mouthwash is something you won’t avoid as well.

While oral hygiene is considered, there are some foods you need to avoid. Although veneers resist stains, it is recommended to avoid foods that can cause stains.

Final thought

Now you know. Improve your smile today and have a chance to stand in front of your buddies as a winner. Even though it can add up to hefty bills, but you won’t regret what you paid for that dazzling smile.

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