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Orthodontic Braces

Common Dental Braces Procedure and Treatment

Dental braces have become a rite of passage for both adults and children with common dental problems such as underbite, teeth spacing and issues related to teeth alignment. Nobody likes to have braces but they are more of a benefit than harm.

Over the past couple of years, the orthodontic patient had to look like a preteen with a bunch of metals on the mouth. But nowadays, with improvement in technology, dental braces are far much cry from the traditional one. The world has adopted new technologies including camouflaged braces that are less noticeable before removal.

The benefits of braces actually speak for themselves if you want to enjoy the flexibility of modern treatment. So, you think you need a brace? A dental brace is something that you need to consider towards a beautiful and new smile.


The procedure here is safe, speedy and simple. The teeth are first polished, air dried and dental braces are placed. After then, the cement is placed on the back of brackets until filled up. Then, a dentist removes the excess of it as he/she hardens it with a high-intensity light. You don’t need to worry about time as the entire process takes around 10-20 minutes.

However, you can expect to feel some tightness during the process. This situation can progress to soreness and in this case, over the counter relievers are recommended to assist you to relieve the pain. The pain only lasts within the first six hours of an appointment.

Adjustment of dental braces

In this case, a regular appointment is done to adjust the dental wires to ensure repositioning of the teeth continues throughout the process. This takes a minimum of fewer than three weeks in order for the movement of tooth to occur. During this process too, you can expect to feel some pain resulting from adjustment, therefore, pain relievers are recommended to help you.

Foods to avoid while wearing braces

Eating hardy food can lead to breakages of braces. On the other hand, avoid sticky foods, crunchy foods and sugary foods that can promote dental caries.

Removal of dental braces

After teeth have been repositioned as desired, it comes now the final time to remove it. The process is quite simple and not painful. During this process, a dentist can use a dental hand pipe to remove the remaining bonding cement. After which, he can get your gums inflamed with ideal flossing and brushing,


Within the first two weeks after dental braces removal, an appointment is made for retainer placement. These are removable equipment that during the retention period, they are necessary to provide complete cure to unstable teeth. And finally, after the whole process is over, it is imperative to have strict oral cleaning.

Post braces oral hygiene

After the dental braces removal process, the dentists normally recommend using the small-sized toothbrush for brushing-small brushes reaches all areas hence providing thorough brushing. In short, maintain good oral hygiene. This means you need to brush your teeth twice a day. However, it is important to learn some brushing basics from a dentist once you have undergone braces application.

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