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Dr Auday

Dr Auday attended Dental College in Baghdad University in 1991. He graduated in 1996 and open his 1st dental clinic in Baghdad in 1998.


He worked in different areas in Baghdad. From 1996 till 2000 in ministry of health as dental surgeon in different government hospital – then from 2000 to 2002 at the Dental College in Baghdad and then he apply for post graduate degree in the orthodontic Science in Baghdad University from 2002 to 2005. He also worked in the dental college in Baghdad until 2006.

In 2006 due to the deteriorating situation in Baghdad, Dr. Auday decided to leave Baghdad with his family.

He worked in Salalah, Oman for 2 years in LIYA Medical Complex. Then he settled in UAE and he passed all the qualified exams in the UAE required by the MOH and DHA and HAAD. Since then he has worked as a specialist orthodontist in the UAE in throughout UAE in the following clinics:

  • Al Riqa dental center in Kalab- Sharjah
  • Al Harith Dental Center in Kalba Sharjah
  • Al Muraqebat Dental Center in Diera Dubai
  • Al Raheef Medical Compex Al Qusais Dubai
  • Mawee cosmatec Center Jumera Dubai
  • Western orthodontic center Jumeira Dubai
  • White smile dental clinic in Al Nahda Dubai as a medical director and orthodontic specialist
  • Orthodontic specialist in BU Dhabi al Baheya city in al sabah dental poly clinic since 2011 till know
  • Marina dental center al Suffoh Dubai Knowledge Village

At last he decide to settle in 2 place only to follow his patient in Dubai at Arneko tower in media city in the gorgeous smile dental center and in Abu Dhabi at al Sabah dental poly clinic. During all these year he treated 1000+ cases of malocclusion of different difficulty. He has extensive experience in the fixed orthodontic appliance. Dr Auday look always to his malocclusion cases as a puzzle game and he always tries to explain the treatment to the patients.

Orthodontic simply is like a force and movement so you apply a force in the teeth to move it from undesired position to the most desired position. There are many easy to understand  case studies of Dr. Auday’s Work that help a layman understand what we are doing.