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8 Fantastic Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Shade For Your Brace Color

6 Different Types of Braces

Having crooked teeth can affect your daily life by giving you low self-esteem. The solution to this is to acquire braces. Braces  work by straightening your teeth over time, giving you a beautiful smile and feeling more confident.  Modern braces are available in different sizes. You can pick what suits your taste from a pool […]

Orthodontic Appliances: What are they?

In a general perspective, orthodontic appliances are used to treat malocclusion, especially crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and protruding ones. They are also used to spacing problems, deep overbite, underbite, overjet, etc. These supportive braces are designed and prescribed only by the accredited orthodontists.  In a controlled manner, these appliances gently apply pressure on the teeth […]