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8 Fantastic Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Shade For Your Brace Color

Braces form part of your appearance and are just as important as the clothes you wear daily. There are various categories of braces. Band braces stand out to be the only braces type which can be custom-colored based on your preference.

Whether you want to play around with colors or complement your skin tone, brace colors will make your personality pop and help you gain confidence.  However, with so many colors available in the market, it can be challenging to decide on which one to settle. 

Typical brace installation in Dubai fitting takes around one to two hours. You need to ensure that your two hours were worth the wait by picking a color that you would be comfortable with.


How do you decide what colors to pick for your braces?

  1. Take a Color Chart with You

Before getting braces adjustment in Dubai, take a look at a color chart of the available brace colors. Looking at all of them simultaneously will help you decide which colors to rule out immediately. Take time to study the chart. You can even choose to get the color chart weeks before installing your braces.

As you study the chart, list down the colors that grab your attention. Try to narrow them down as much as possible. 

If you can’t access a physical color chart, look up ‘braces color charts’ online. You can then place the different colors onto a picture of a set of teeth. This will enable you to visualize how the colors will look on you. Remember, the color you prefer online may not be available at your orthodontist. In such a case,  you can pick something that is a close shade to what you would like.

  1. Pick a Color Based on Your Skin Tone

The lighter your skin tone, the better you would look with bright colors such as red, pink, lilac, sky blue, or silver. However, if you have a darker shade,  your best option would be jewel tones. Such colors include purple, emerald, navy, and turquoise. Pick colors that would complement your skin and not work against it.

Most brace installation clinics in Dubai will also advise on what color would go with your skin tone. 

  1. The Darker the Color, the Brighter Your Teeth Look

Contrary to popular opinion, healthy teeth are a light shade of yellow and not plain white. You should, therefore, get bands that would contrast the color of your teeth. Dark braces make your teeth look whiter whereas light shades make your teeth look more yellow. 

  1. Take Your Clothes into Consideration

Everyone has a personal style that is reflected in their wardrobe.  When picking a color for your braces, avoid picking something that will clash with your everyday look. For instance, if you wear bright colors, try to tone down on the braces. A darker wardrobe may require you to pick bright colors for your pair to light up the mood around you. 

If you are not sure about how the color of braces might affect your wardrobe, go for neutral colors such as black or blue. You may as well go for colorless bands until you discover what color would compliment your outfits. 

  1. Talk to the Orthodontist

Picking your brace colors can be hectic.  You may need suggestions from a professional perspective. The best dentists in Dubai know which colors are in season or, may even recommend one based on how you look. 

Locating an affordable orthodontist in Dubai is as easy as searching for different web pages and comparing prices. 

  1. You can Change Colors during Each Orthodontist Visit

The best part about brace bands is that you can change them as often as you want. Do not be hesitant about picking a color because you could always change it to another during your next visit to the orthodontist. 

Most brace treatments take between one to two years, depending on the severity of your condition. Considering each orthodontist visit is after 6-8 weeks, you will get a lot of chances to try out different colors until you settle for the one you feel suits you most. 

  1. Rule Out Colors That You Would Never Wear

For some people, green may be their ultimate color. While for others, green cannot work for them. White may also look like the perfect option for some people; after all, it couldn’t get more neutral than that. However, as noted earlier, white bands will make your teeth look yellow. So what color is it that would not work for you? Make a list of your least favorable colors. The elimination method will leave with options of colors that you would consider while fitting braces,  making your work easier. 

  1. Consider Special Events and Holidays

The most common holidays that almost everyone looks up to are Halloween, Fourth of July, and of course, Christmas. You may decide to get orange braces for a Halloween theme, red braces for the Christmas holiday and Fourth of July celebrations. 

Bonus Tip: 

Braces Colors to Avoid

  • If you are prone to eating colorful or spicy foods such as curry, consider getting dark-colored braces. White or clear braces get stained easily. You may have to brush your teeth thrice or four times a day to avoid the embarrassment of stained braces. 
  • Coffee, tea, and wine are some of the drinks that will also leave your braces with visible stains. Unless you can steer off such foods, install braces with dark colors such as black or navy blue. Yellow is the most avoided color as it creates the impression that your teeth are stained. 

Whatever color you decide to go with, maintain proper dental hygiene. 


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