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20 Myths and Misconceptions about Dental Braces

Even though dental braces have been around for quite some time, some people still have not come to understand the whole concept behind these products. This has made them come up with stories, myths, and misconceptions about braces. If you feel nervous about getting braces because of a rumor you may have heard somewhere, do not worry anymore. We are here to help you debunk the top 20 myths about braces.

1. Braces make your lips bigger

Getting braces for the first time can make your mouth feel a little bit different than what you are used to. Brackets of most braces are thicker than the teeth especially the gold, ceramic, and metallic braces. The brackets of these braces may feel like they are ‘sticking out’ making the lips appear bigger. The truth is, this does not, however, make the lips physically bigger in size.

For starters, when the new brackets start rubbing against the lips, they may appear swollen. There can be some discomfort in the first few hours or days and in some cases sore spots and small cuts & bruises might be seen. Your dentist will recommend some measures which can be used to prevent such from happening with orthodontic wax or other methods.

After the mouth becomes accustomed to the braces, everything goes back to normal and you will not even notice you had braces on.

Verdict: This myth is false


2. Braces hurt when coming off

Understanding the braces removal process can be of great help to understand this myth. The orthodontist will use a special type of pliers to squeeze the brackets off, one by one. Some types of brackets, especially the ceramic ones, are made to break apart during the process. During the procedure, some cracking sounds can be heard but you should not worry much about those. They are just the sounds made by the brackets as they break. A bit of pressure on the teeth may be felt but there is absolutely no pain.

Verdict: This myth is false


3. Teeth can crack with braces

Our teeth are actually the strongest parts of the body – stronger than bones! However, getting braces does not prevent dental emergencies such as teeth trauma which can result from being hit hard on the teeth. Needless to say, without proper care of your teeth, issues like cavities can arise leading to cracked teeth. Braces only help restore the teeth to their normal and natural position but do not prevent cracking occurring from accidents and poor oral hygiene.

Verdict: This myth is true


4. Braces loosen and make teeth weak

Braces apply pressure on the teeth to move them into a desired shape and position. Doing so does not weaken tooth support as the teeth naturally shift support to the current position. However, one should maintain high levels of hygiene and oral care in order to make their teeth stronger.

Verdict: This myth is false


5. Braces push the teeth back

Orthodontic treatment is meant to restore the natural position of your teeth. This happens by applying pressure on the teeth to shift their position to the desired one. In most cases, people with conditions such as overbite get treated by braces which push teeth back to the original position. Your orthodontist will ensure that the braces only work to a certain extent and cannot go past that. Once the teeth attain the required position, they are removed and cannot go beyond that stipulated position.

Verdict: This myth is true


6. Braces change your voice

The short answer is NO. Braces do not change voice in whatsoever way. However, braces can take up space where cheeks and lips rest against the teeth. This might have slight changes to how you sing but not how you talk. The end result of after getting the braces removed is always a positive one. You will be able to sing with a richer tone and better timbre than before. Invisalign, on the other hand, may affect the way you hit your notes when singing. Lucky enough, you can take them out during your performance or practice sessions as long as you put them back on afterward. It is recommended you have them on at least 22 hours a day.

Verdict: This myth is false


7. Braces ruin your jawline

Do braces change your jawline? Yes. Do they ruin your jawline? NO! Braces are made to only get you positive results. They fix alignment problems and give you a more symmetrical and natural look.

Verdict: This myth is false



8. Braces can make you lose weight

When getting braces fixed, you will have to change some of your dietary routines. You will have to stay away from hard, crunchy, and sugary foods. However, this does not mean you will keep off food completely. There are foods recommended for people with braces and they are completely healthy. Just take foods which cannot damage the braces and you are good to go. Since you will continue to eat healthy as braces will not affect your ability to eat, there is no chance of losing weight.

Verdict: This myth is false


9. Braces will make your breath stink

Everyone can have bad breath with poor oral hygiene. People with braces are even more susceptible to having bad breath but that does not mean it cannot be avoided. With braces, bacteria which causes the bad breath will have more places to stick to and even hide. With proper dental hygiene, people with braces will be able to avoid having halitosis. The best dentists in Dubai will always advise you on how to take proper care and maintaining your teeth after getting braces.

Verdict: This myth is false


10. Braces can go wrong

Braces deal with a number of complex biological systems such as teeth, jaw bones, gums, and facial muscles. Anything can go wrong if much care and attention are not provided. Highly trained and experienced orthodontists will ensure that you do not experience any issues which may arise from braces, during and after having them on. That’s why recommend choosing your dentist carefully, an experienced and recognized orthodontist in Dubai will make sure nothing goes wrong with your braces.

Verdict: This myth is true


11. Braces can make your teeth yellow

The short answer is no. Many patients have the fear that having braces fixed can lead to their teeth getting yellow or discolored. The truth is, braces do not really make teeth yellow but plaque does. These are particles which are trapped in unreachable parts of the teeth when you need to clean your teeth. The bacteria can have more hideous places to stick to sometimes making it hard for some people to properly maintain good oral hygiene. Follow the instructions your dentist offers you on how to properly clean your teeth in order to avoid getting yellow teeth.

Verdict: This myth is false


12. You can feel teeth shifting with braces

Braces are very effective devices used to move teeth from a current bad position to a more appealing and desired position. This works by exerting pressure on the teeth to move either inwards or outwards. This process takes place gradually and one will not feel the teeth shifting.

Verdict: This myth is false


13. Teeth should be whitened before braces

A professional dentist will not advise that teeth must be whitened before getting braces. In fact, whitening teeth before braces make them more porous hence easier to stain even further. The most recommended thing to do before getting braces is to thoroughly clean the teeth.

Verdict: This myth is false


14. Regular visits are not necessary

Even after getting braces fixed by the most experienced and trained orthodontists, your teeth and braces will still have to be monitored from time to time. These regular visits will help the orthodontist take care of any issues which might have arisen while ensuring the treatment stays on course. Modern technology has made these checkup intervals to be long, around 8 to 10 weeks.

Verdict: This myth is false


15. Braces are only for kids and teens

Anyone can get braces at whatever age. Both the young and the old can benefit from having braces. However, the best time to get braces is when the teeth are still young and growing. At this age, the teeth can easily get to the desired shape. It is never too late to chase that bright smile though.

Verdict: This myth is false


16. Braces can rust

Metal, water, and oxygen together mean rust, right? Well, not for this case. Made from strong metals such as titanium alloys, braces cannot rust whether you wear them for 6 months or 2 years.

Verdict: This myth is false


17. Braces can set off metal detectors

If worried about metal detectors at the airport going off after you pass through them, do not be. That is not the type of metal they are looking for and they will hardly notice your braces not unless you flash them with your brilliant smile.

Verdict: This myth is false


18. You can wear braces for years

Depending on the severity of your condition, braces can be worn for up to 3 years.

Verdict: This myth is true


19. An overbite is not bad

A mild overbite is not bad and should not be a reason to cause alarm. However, overbites are only treated when they are severe and interfere with how you talk, eat, and facial structure.

Verdict: This myth is true


20. Braces make teeth permanently straight

Braces are good when making your teeth straight. However, if you do not follow your orthodontist’s instructions such as having retainers afterward, they may go back to the same position.

Verdict: This myth is false



Having braces can be quite scary at first. With all these myths exposed,  you will now comfortably get them without having to worry about any issues. Should you want to have braces,  best orthodontists in Dubai are here to help. Reach out to Gorgeous Smile Dental Center for the best braces services in Dubai!

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